Silent Sunday.

Sorry I have been missing in action! With the coach switch & the switch from figure to bikini I have a whole lot going on in my head. While you would think writing would be a release, sometimes I don’t even know where to start. Oh well onward and upward my friends. Hope you’re enjoying a fabulous weekend and I will catch you next week.













real life friday.

Sooo I couldn’t decide between doing a real life post like my beloved Jessica or a Friday favorites so this is going to be a random little combination of both.

NEW RECIPES: Can I just say I can’t stop thinking about this Kale & Wild Rice bowl?! I plan to continue to batch cook with some diet/macro tweaking after the show so I have been a little recipe pinning queen. (Follow me on Pinterest!!!) When I came across this I knew it would be perfect for lunches and cooking a massive amount for the husband and I.



TRUSTING YOUR GUT: As I talked about earlier in the week this prep has taught me a whole hell of a lot about myself. The theme to the week has been trusting my gut. To make a terribly long (and dramatic) story short, I have decide to switch coaches. Yes this is risky, yes this is considered a “no-no”, but I have to trust myself. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am BEYOND excited for the next 7 weeks. I finally feel completely *right* and that I can let go and trust the process as everyone recommends. Phew.

LOOKHUMAN.COM: I’m not going to lie. I kind of want all their gym tanks.



SUNFLOWER SEED BUTTER: Generally I am a nut butter person all the way but when I found this gem in my pantry I couldn’t say no.


I have been LOVING it on my protein pancakes at night and mixed in with my morning oats. YUM!!


Last but not least, I have been cracking up about this meme for days!!



Chatter: What have you been loving??


8 week recap

Hello my little chatter babies!! Ironically enough I am 8 weeks out & 8 weeks into my hard core prep. To catch you up, I started training with my coach Steve Dec 20th. At this point, it was just to get me adjusted to eating my meals and I was aloud alcohol and clean cheats. I am SO thankful for this beginning prep because it really helped me ease into this lifestyle and figure out what works for me. Here’s my progress along the way.









I am so proud of the changes I have made but have a LONG way to go in the next 8 weeks in my body and posing!! (Why does my shoulder do that?!?!) Our new plan of action after my lack luster numbers I mentioned is a more consistent diet versus carb cycling and to up my pre-breakfast cardio from 35min 5x a week to 45min. I love pre-breakfast cardio and starting the day on such a positive note so I honestly don’t mind.
Last but not least, my numbers. As you can tell from the scratching out I did have him re-pinch me. Due to water retention & my TOM I’m still not convinced my pinches were spot on but I am glad to have something to work toward and I am looking forward to my 10 week/6 week out check in.


Booty burner

Happy Monday. This is about to be the longest post ever!! I don’t know about you but my weekend went by at warp speed! Friday I went for my bi-weekly weigh in/measurements/posing practice with my coach which SUCKED. My numbers were no where near what I thought they would be. (Separate post to follow) I had him re-pinch me twice because I was convinced they were wrong, turns out I was right- but still not good persay. You should know I am literally the hardest person on myself. If I had cheated, skipped workouts or half assed the last 2 weeks I would’ve owned it but I nailed every last bit. That right there was the hardest to swallow. Not to mention I’ve talked to my coach about concerns with my plan. We were carb cycling and on high carb days my weight would fluctuate 3-4lbs!!! I felt like I let myself down for not being more aggressive with him and for not pulling better numbers. We have 8 weeks left, I just kept thinking I don’t have time for this.
I didn’t even make it to my car in the parking lot before I started hysterically crying. I know it sounds ridiculous but I never imagined in a million years how emotional this process would be. It has changed me and taught me things about myself I never thought possible. My husband was the first person I called. I am so unbelievably grateful to him for having faith in me and helping me pick up the pieces. Devastated doesn’t even cover it. Not to mention I went to go see him later in the evening and completely lost it again. If he didn’t know I was nuts, he sure does now. At least I will have a super hot body? 😄
So now what? I pulled my shit together, my coach made adjustments to my plan and I am going to nail the next 2 weeks. I also have added some new supplements into my plan, which I am loving so far and will DEFINITELY review soon.

Now onto the moment we’ve all been waiting for.. The booty burner workout. I created this last week and LOVED it so much I had to share. Let me know if you try it in the comments or tag me on IG @chattersizenpies. Warning: you’re buns will be officially toasted after this 👍



Do you ever think you are too hard on yourself?

I have always felt like this because I can be an over the top perfectionist! I am working on this, but I know sometimes it helps fuel my success. The problem is, it’s a delicate balance!

How do you deal with disappointment?

I am a planner so for me when I am faced with disappointment, I try to own the emotion and plan my next attack. I love the saying “Turn a setback into a comeback.”

How To: Think Happier Thoughts

Hey friends!

How’s your week going? It seems like mine has crept by. It may or may not have something to do with the fact I have my bi-weekly check-in with my coach tomorrow. 😇I will let you know my progress and some other exciting stuff over the weekend!

Now on to the tutorial of sorts!

Monday I mentioned the #100happydays challenge and I’m pleased to announce so far I’ve done really well. It’s quite amazing to me just how many people are taking part.
I am a FIRM believer our thoughts have a serious effect on our lives and basically what you think is what you get/become. I consider myself a pretty positive person but I know it’s not always easy to be simply happy. After reading Caitlin’s post today & focusing on my #100happydays (I’ve made it to day 4!!) I started to really think about writing my life daily as told by me. It’s so easy to get tangled up in negativity. Even days when I start my day all rainbows and unicorns someone may bring their drama to me, or something undesirable may happen during the day. Generally if you’re like me, here’s where shit goes south. For instance, your co-worker makes a snide comment to you. Instantly you feel yourself shift to defensiveness, anger, or even begin feeling vengeful. Suddenly the how day just feels like it’s getting worse! Here’s how to stop the momentum.

STOP THAT THOUGHT. Now! Just do it. Very simply put find a better feeling thought. I have to repeat that to myself a million times a day. Now, to think happier thoughts doesn’t mean you have to be happy about what pissed you off, it’s about finding a thought that makes you feel better inside. Your gut feelings are your emotional compass; use them people!! I will tell you, sometimes people piss me off so bad I can’t think of anything that feels better about the situation. (Don’t judge me I’m in contest prep!) so I don’t think of it at all. Shift your focus. Completely. Sometimes I think of medial things just to get my mind to stop the momentum. That’s it. Just do that much and I promise you’ll see a difference.
Contest prep has already taught me so much about myself and brought on a slew of emotions. I can tell you, while prepping people expect you to be miserable and the second you speak it, it becomes real. I know staying positive just in this aspect of my left has helped me tremendously and it’s all about the thought shift.
It seems simple, but it does require a little work on your part. So if you’re participating in the #100happydays challenge, I challenge you to change your thinking. Be aware of your thoughts and reach for joy always.

Are you participating in the challenge?

Do you consider yourself an optimistic or pessimistic person?

Monday Motivation.

The start of a new week. In a way, the start of a new me. I’ve written before but only more recently pondered the thought of being able to truly do what it is that I love which is share my journey & help others along the way. I’m guilty of doubting myself & allowing those doubts & insecurities get in the way. But, here I am. Doubts don’t live here anymore. Here’s to the new me, chasing your dreams & doing all things with passion. So my MONDAY MOTIVATION is to do whatever it is you do and do it happily. And let’s chat about it all
along the way….



You should also know, officially as of 4/7/14 I have joined the #100dayshappy challenge. Basically 100 days of sharing (I chose through here & IG of at least 1 thing that makes your happy for the next 100 days. So, I challenge you to join.

And tell me, what is making you happy RIGHT now?

-For me, it’s being snuggled up with my pup, my handsome husband watching a ridiculous amount of stuff on Netflix. <3